Just Starting Out?

We are happy to meet with you and discuss your ideas for your home. We can take you on a tour of our latest project so you can see first-hand the type of attention to detail that you will experience with Hulbert Custom Construction. Then, we’ll guide you through the next steps.

If needed, we can help you find an architect with whom we have a great working relationship and then we’ll continue to be with you through the design process. It’s important that your design and plans reflect your budget and by working closely with you and your architect we can make sure to keep the project cost-effective. To that end, we rely on professional designers and architects rather than offer those services ourselves. We can then concentrate on a quality build which is where our expertise lies.

Our relationship with you is just beginning and we start to get really excited about what we’ll be able to build together. We’ll be with you the entire time and we won’t just disappear when your project is completed.

We navigate the permit process for you and then, while we can’t make the decisions for you, we will try to make it as easy as possible to guide you to appropriate choices.

We start with a professional estimation of your project based on plans from your architect. While we may not be the lowest bidder (in fact, we are often are not) we are able to give you reliable and detailed estimates of what your project will cost upfront. We see what others may not and let you and your architect know immediately if we need more details. There’s no surprises later on once we start construction.

Have some questions about our process or your project, contact us here.

Common Questions

What should I consider when choosing a lot?
Once you have your eye on a good locale, be sure to consider things like trees and vegetation. Such enhancements can take a long time to mature, but can significantly enhance the value of a lot for their environmental, economical, and aesthetic benefits. Also consider the dimensions of the lot, the slope of the land, and the appeal of adjacent lots. These could all influence the design and/or placement of your home and yard. Finally, drive around and get a feel for the neighborhood because if everything else looks good, you just might be calling it home!


What factors should I consider when choosing a builder?
A sound builder selection will provide excellent customer service, have an outlined mission statement, be committed to quality, and have experience building the type of quality home you desire. Here are some more specific things to consider:

Who is the builder? Do they have a good reputation? How are their customer testimonials? Do they take care in redeveloping neighborhoods? Will they listen to my needs?

Will the Builder take time to understand your wants and needs? A builder should ask all of the right questions to gain a full understanding of your needs and goals. If they do not appear that they are truly interested in what you want, how are they going to build your dream home?